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Freshtrack Software™ is a young and dynamic company committed to improving efficiencies, processes and information flows for Growers, Packers and Buyers in the fresh produce industry. Freshtrack Software™ is committed to providing solutions for fresh produce handling through the entire supply chain, from the field to the consumer.

The Freshtrack Team all have backgrounds in the fresh produce industry. Based in Melbourne, Australia we also have offices in Brisbane, the USA, Chile and anticipate opening in Europe in 2007.


FreshTrack Software

Vision, Insight and Creation

Freshtrack Software™ is revolutionising the way Buyers, Packing Houses and Suppliers communicate and transact within the fresh produce industry. With our tailored solutions for each of the participants in the industry, all fully integrated, Freshtrack™ is delivering an exciting future for the industry. Freshtrack™ delivers lower costs, far improved information flows, insightful financial analysis and process management capabilities that have never before been available to the industry.


Why Choose Us

Freshtrack™ specialise in software to handle fresh produce logistics. All of our products have been designed for the day-to-day needs of the participants in the fresh produce supply chain and all products speak the same language. Data from one Freshtrack™ product is easily accessed by another Freshtrack™ product.

Freshtrack Xchange™ provides a fully electronic connection between Buyers and Suppliers. Xchange’s trading system provides an immediate roll-out to registered users, your Suppliers, for web access. This is our on-line version of Gateway™. A local version of Gateway™ including full wiring of the grading line with printers and scanners, etc. is an optional installation upgrade. Buyers, including Retailers, Wholesalers and Marketing Groups, simply select their Suppliers, Packing Houses and Wholesalers, and provide them access to a private on-line community which allows data flows such as forecasting, order procurement, delivery schedules, bin loans, packout statistics, sending of Advanced Shipping Notices and payment advices.


Commitment to Quality

All Freshtrack Software™ products are designed, and maintained to provide a clean, functional interface with your business operations. Freshtrack runs off an open SQL database which allows outputs to be exported to your CRM or accounting software. All software is tried and tested before release. Software is regularly updated including additional features and useful reports. Freshtrack Software™ is supported by our Client Services Team who are on-call and on-line for any query.

Future Development

Freshtrack™ is continually expanding the software modules available for each of its products. Soon to be released are our on-line versions of FieldOp™ and Gateway™ providing the benefits of our local PC installed versions. These options will be available for Packing Houses looking to connect their Grower suppliers and for Retailers, Wholesalers and Marketers to connect their Packing House and Wholesale suppliers. Our on-line versions provide an instantaneous roll-out to Suppliers without the need for additional hardware.


Major Milestones

2003 Freshtrack Gateway™ launched as Hortrack
2004 Freshtrack Xchange™ launched and used to handle the bulk of Australia’s table grape and mango harvests
2005 More than half Australia’s mango packing houses using Gateway
2005 First overseas installation of Gateway™ in Chile
2006 Acquisition of the Freshtrack Software business by GP Graders, Australia’s largest manufacturer of grading and packing machinery
2006 Renaming of Hortrack as Freshtrack Gateway™
2006 Opening of office in the USA

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