FreshTrack Software
Fresh Produce Supply Chain Systems

Freshtrack Softwareâ„¢ provides real business benefits which are proven to have a real dollar value. So significant can be the cost savings that they can carve out entire cost centres in you business. A significant set of reporting tools provide the following range of advantages over manual systems.

For growers

Gross margin calculations


Recording history

GPS mapping of blocks and rows

  For packing houses

Full traceability

Quality control

EDI & Forecasting

Increased productivity

Lower staff costs

Improved supplier relationships

  For retailers

Centralised electronic ordering.

Direct interface with Distribution Centres.

Forecasting function.

User defined KPIs for Suppliers.

Traceability back to orchard lot.

Order status continually updated.

Orders may stipulate harvest dates, chemicals and sprays used, etc.

Reduction in administration staff.

Immediate roll-out of EDI amongst Suppliers in the fresh produce category.

Access to complete product history.

Streamlined supply chain with transparency at every stage.