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For Packing Houses

Freshtrack Gateway™ is designed to cut operational costs at almost every stage in the packing process. From the point of produce receival information about the batch is electronically captured and follows it into storage, through the grading process, is printed on packaging, pallets and load manifests and transferred to the Buyer via Advanced Shipping Notices. Gateway™ not only cuts costs whenever produce is handled but greatly improves your marketing potential as you can guarantee full and true traceability.



Full traceability

The marketing beneifts of being able to guarantee full and accurate traceability back to a Grower’s orchard block or planting are significant. This provides assurance to Buyers and Retailers that quality issues can be isolated and addressed immediately.

Quality control

Where packing staff wear RFID wrist bands to generate labels for packed boxes, punnets or bags the individual can be identified all the way to the retail shelf. If a quality issue arises at any stage through the supply chain the packing house may be notified and the individual identified. Making quality the responsibility of the packing staff provides transparency in the final packout.

EDI & Forecasting

Gateway™ supports communication up and down the supply chain. Gateway™ links the Grower into the network through Freshtrack FieldOp™ and links Buyers and Retailers through Freshtrack Xchange™. Communication is streamlined through this common channel thereby automating an otherwise uncoordinated and time consuming process. Freshtrack Xchange™ provides the EDI interface, and manages the transmission of produce availability information to Buyers.

Increased productivity

Gateway™ allows you to concentrate on what you do best: pack quality produce. The time and staff dedicated to auditing, administration, manual tallying, stock control, data entry, and process flow management are virtually eliminated. Gateway™ automates the process of packing house management by electronically recording delivery details, scanning batches of produce as they are graded and scanning packed product. This frees up time and resources to increase productivity without additional labour.

Lower staff costs

Users of Gateway™ have reported a significant drop in administration and packing staff costs. So significant have these savings been that the typical pay back time of Gateway™ is usually less than 12 months.

Improved supplier relationships

Gateway™ is supplied with a host of comprehensive reports tailored for Grower suppliers. Reports provide a detailed audit of the product delivered in a very transparent format. Reports include details of batches delivered, grades packed, percentage and volume of reject grades and itemised packing charges. This information is available instantaneously when requested by growers. Improved reporting leads to better trading partner confidence.


Efficiency Benefits

  • Compliance with supermarket EAN requirements
  • Elimination of tallying mistakes
  • Transparent reporting improving grower and trading partner confidence.
  • Box level traceability building on trading partner confidence.
  • Less stressful tallying improving on worker moral.
  • Up to minute stock control reporting for stock management/marketing.

System Overview

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