FreshTrack Software
Fresh Produce Supply Chain Systems

For Retailers

Retailers, Wholesalers and Marketing Groups benefit from having all Suppliers permanently connected within a private community network, Freshtrack Xchange™. Xchange™ allows consolidation of forecast volumes, determination of market prices, centralised order procurement and dynamic order updating, real-time despatch and delivery notices from Suppliers, electronic payments, and customised Key Performance Indicators to rank preferred Suppliers.



Centralised electronic ordering system increases ordering speed and streamlines administration.
Direct interface with Distribution Centres eliminates manual data entry on arrival of produce deliveries.
Forecasting function allows for an automated order allocation based on produce availability.
Xchange™ includes user defined KPIs for Suppliers, i.e. Supplier rejection rates, timeliness of delivery, ability to meet orders, accuracy of forecasts provided. KPI outcomes may determine preferred Suppliers.
Traceability back to orchard lot including a full crop history.
Order status can be continually updated as Suppliers accept, reject and all orders.
Orders may stipulate harvest dates, chemicals and sprays used, or not to be used, thereby guaranteeing a higher quality or certified product.
Reduction in administration staff through converting all data to electronic means including automatic generation of orders, tracking and reporting.
Immediate roll-out of EDI amongst Suppliers in the fresh produce category.
Access to complete product history.
Streamlined supply chain with transparency at every stage.

Efficiency Benefits

  • Compliance with supermarket EAN requirements
  • Elimination of tallying mistakes
  • Transparent reporting improving grower and trading partner confidence.
  • Box level traceability building on trading partner confidence.
  • Less stressful tallying improving on worker moral.
  • Up to minute stock control reporting for stock management/marketing.

System Overview

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