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Every business is unique. With your own systems and procedures it’s often difficult to find a system that fits in with you, not a system that forces your business to fit in with it. So feel free to ask our Client Services Team a question about how Freshtrack™ might help your business, the way you run it.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does every carton need a barcode?

To effectively trace every carton, every carton needs a barcode. Warehousing and control of pallets still requires the creation of labels for each box or tray.

2. Does Freshtrack Gateway and FieldOp capture every cost component?

Both Freshtrack Gateway and FieldOp have the ability to capture the cost of farm activities and materials used. With Gateway's employee management module, total packing costs can also be captured.

3. Can I use my own hardware?

If your current hardware is sufficient then our technicians can install Freshtrack onto your existing hardware.

4. Can I run a remote operation with Freshtrack Gateway?

As long as you have an internet connection you can connect into Freshtrack Gateway remotely. You can operate Freshtrack Xchange from anywhere in the world.

5. Does every box need to be scanned to a consignee?

Boxes are palletized in either of 2 ways, by an inline scanner with a consignee assigned to your pallets or by manually scanning each barcode to a pallet number. A pallet barcode is printed with pallet details and consignee details if required, the pallet can then be moved or adjusted by scanning the pallet barcode. Consignee details are required before a pallet can be dispatched.

6. Can I do invoicing with Freshtrack Gateway?

Yes, whenever a load is sent to a consignee a delivery docket and an invoice is automatically created, along with an Advanced Shipping Notice.

7. Will Freshtrack Gateway interface with my accounting software?

Freshtrack Gateway is a SQL Server – based application, which can interface with almost any accounting or payroll software.

8. Will Freshtrack Gateway interface with my grader?

Freshtrack Gateway contains the GP501 software that controls all GP Graders. If you don’t have a GP Grader, Freshtrack Gateway will run parallel with your Grader.

9. Is data transferable between Gateway, FieldOp, and Exchange?

Yes, all Freshtrack programs know about each other and can transfer data between each other. This is a necessity for integrated supply chains.

10. Can I pre-print labels for boxes?

Yes, box numbers can be created and printed as can pallet labels. A harvest delivery must be created and a batch must be running for this to happen.

11. What happens if I lose a label, or I have labels left at the end of the day?

Any labels that are not used can be discarded without any effect before they are scanned to a pallet. For boxes that have been assigned a pallet, Gateway has a reporting function that displays all unconsigned or lost barcodes, these can be deleted out of the system if they cannot be located.

12. Once boxes are assigned to a pallet, can I move them to another pallet?

Yes. Boxes are allocated to a pallet by either the in-line scanner or hand scanner method. Boxes can be moved from one pallet to another in bulk, or by the use of a hand scanner.

13. Can I use FieldOp to send load details to Gateway?

Bin Data can be transferred from FieldOp to Gateway, and bin labels can be printed in the field, at the point of picking.

14. Can I have permanent barcodes on boxes and bins?

The facility is there to use this, however it is not recommended as barcodes do get lost or damaged. It is recommended that a new label is allocated to a bin or box at the time of processing.

15. Do I have to label every bin?

It would depend on your requirements, labelled bins enable batches to be run automatically and seamlessly. Without bin labels batches need to be run manually.

16. Do I need to enter in every detail when receiving in stock?

Certain fields are mandatory, while others are there for additional information. You need only capture such additional information as you require. Much of the detail is already pre-recorded at the beginning of the season.

17. As a wholesaler, will Freshtrack enable me to send a pallet to my customer from a packer that doesn't have Freshtrack?

Yes, this can be done several ways, the pallet can be received and assigned box and pallet numbers, these can either be printed and applied, or the pallet can be received as a pallet number with a quantity. The pallet can then be consigned.


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