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Freshtrack Software™ provides its customers with the very latest in process management technology. We are proud of our product innovations and development achievements and wish to keep you up to date with the latest news.


Latest News

Integrated Produce Traceability, GP Graders Leads the Field

08 May 2006

Australian based grading manufacturer GP Graders (Victoria) Pty Ltd have recently announced the acquisition of traceability software developer, Freshtrack Software.

Saving time and money by avoiding double handling

01 Aug 2006

A breakthrough from GP Graders and Freshtrack Software has significantly reduced costly grower changeover delays for contract cherry packers.

A Fresh Approach to Cherry Packing

20 Feb 2007

Cherry grower and packer, Lincara of Victoria, Australia have been using the Freshtrack Gateway™ traceability and supply chain solution in their busy cherry packing house for the last two seasons.

New Faces at Freshtrack Software.

20 Feb 2007

Freshtrack SoftwareTM have now taken on two new staff.

Freshtrack Gateway™ – a fresh way to track fresh produce

20 Feb 2007

Since the hunter gatherer days, people throughout the world have been eating fruit and vegetables. It is believed that in some societies farming of plants and animals began as early as eleven thousand years ago. Much has changed.

What is Freshtrack?

20 Feb 2007

Many fresh produce packing houses in Australia and around the world have been using a revolutionary software package called Hortrack since it came on the market four years ago.


What our clients say

“The whole system is so easy to use particularly with its integration with the grading computer. It’s solving so many administration problems we’ve had in the past and all of our staff have adjusted to using it surprisingly easily.”

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