FreshTrack Software
Fresh Produce Supply Chain Systems

Freshtrack Software™ solutions add value throughout the fresh produce entire supply chain. Please read on to discover which Freshtrack Software™ solution is right for you.

For growers

Freshtrack FieldOp™ is a crop management program developed specifically for fresh produce Growers. FieldOp™ enables growers to better manage crops through planning, scheduling, monitoring and record keeping, giving you the information you need to run a better agribusiness.

  For packing houses

Freshtrack Gateway™ is a unique traceability and supply chain management solution for today’s modern packing house. Gateway™ has been designed to streamline the packing house process from the delivery of fresh produce, through grading, to packing and consignment.

  For retailers

Freshtrack Xchange™ is an open Web Application and B2B message translator enabling private communication and order procurement within the Fresh Produce supply chain.