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System Overview

Freshtrack Software™ products are built on the proven Microsoft SQL Server database technology, an absolute necessity, as the number of bin, box, tray and consignments often run into the hundreds of thousands, or millions over a season. The ability to handle, manipulate and report on such a volume of data makes it mandatory to use an industrial strength database system. Freshtrack Software™ supports their customers with on-line broadband support, providing high availability problem resolution, report and label modification.


FreshTrack Software

Freshtrack Software™ solutions add value throughout the entire supply chain. FieldOp™, our farm management programme for Growers, communicates directly with Packing Houses operating Freshtrack Gateway™. Gateway™ is our process management, inventory control and traceability system for Packing Houses. When produce is delivered to the Packing House, data recorded for that delivery can be automatically transferred to Freshtrack Gateway™. Data may include block details, variety and delivery quantity. Grower crop forecasts can also be sent electronically to Freshtrack Gateway™ via Freshtrack FieldOp™ to provide information for packer marketing programmes, and ultimately to assist in achieving the best market prices. Packing sheds using Freshtrack Gateway™ receive orders and transfer stock forecasts using Freshtrack Xchange™. Freshtrack Xchange™ is a trading system used by Buyers such as Retailers, Wholesalers and Marketing Groups to electronically interact with packing houses.

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Freshtrack FieldOp™ is our crop management program, developed specifically for Growers of fresh produce. FieldOp™ enables you to better manage crops through planning, scheduling, monitoring and record keeping, giving you the information you need to run a better agribusiness.


Freshtrack Gateway™ is our unique traceability and supply chain management solution for today’s modern packing house. Gateway™ has been designed to streamline the process of receiving, grading, packing and consigning to market of all types of fresh produce.

Bin/Pallet Tracking Module

Where a packing house lends bins or lugs to growers the bin tracking module records the whereabouts of those bins. Essentially this is a stock reconciliation module.

Pooling Module

The pooling module allows averaging of prices achieved for groups of Growers over a period of time. Pack house managers can choose to pool produce at the time of delivery to the pack house, or at the time of despatch.


Freshtrack Xchange™ is an open Web Application and B2B message translator enabling private communication and order procurement within the Fresh Produce supply chain. Contracts for supply may be negotiated between grower and marketer, and communicated to the pack house.

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